All employees—not just engineers—will be empowered to build business dashboards, generate insights from data sets, and design their own workflows just by typing what is needed into a chatbot supported by an LLM. BCG estimates that off-the-shelf coder augmentation solutions enable Software development company productivity gains of 30% to 50%, which could translate into substantial cost savings. Evaluate your business’s specific needs, growth trajectory, and long-term goals. If tailored functionality, scalability, and enhanced security are priorities, custom software might be the superior choice.

Sofyrus Technologies founded with the dream of providing the world class quality offered by the Multinationals at a reasonable budget.

The first step is to define where GenAI can have early impact and how the impact can scale and spread, based on the technology’s potential and the company’s ambitions and starting point. This may require experimentation and learning by doing, but is important to think in terms of end-to-end processes and tools rather than optimizing steps separately . Management should be prepared to address fears and constraints (legacy technology, high share of commercial off-the-shelf software packages) and explain how gains will be reallocated. As the IT function gains experience, the vision can be translated into a use case roadmap based on value and feasibility.

It’s important to start with one area that you know will result in a clear path to improvement, such as identifying friction points and bottlenecks. Be explicit about the scope of such a plan, as even the best approaches, no matter how comprehensive, will not be a silver bullet. Quickly expand your delivery capacity and recruit the best tech talent available. Our engineers possess niche skills, extensive expertise, and are incredibly committed to their work.

Big tech companies have long deployed their innovations internally first. This article, which kicks off a series on how CIOs and their companies can tap the power of GenAI, focuses on how companies outside the tech sector can deploy GenAI for the tech function. Software is eating the world, as Marc Andreessen famously put it more than a decade ago.

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