Since a thread lift is non-surgical procedure, it has a lower risk of complications than surgical procedures like a face lift. Collectively our team of Doctors, Nurses and Dermal Therapists have extensive years of experience and knowledge, giving each client the best results and the ultimate experience. Results are immediately evident and continued improvement is obvious over the coming months.

The procedure is performed in our clinic and does not require any incisions or sedation. Local anaesthesia will be injected at entry/exit points and the procedure itself is typically comfortable; you should feel no pain and little discomfort. Our registered nurses perform over 100,000 treatments every year. Conveniently located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Perth, Canberra & Adelaide.

While it is less invasive and less costly than a surgical facelift, it’s important to understand that results can vary and there are potential risks involved. Recovery time can also vary depending on individual circumstances. This lifts sagging skin, triggers the body’s self-healing process, and stimulates the production of skin-plumping collagen. The Cat Eye Thread-lift is a procedure which uses dissolvable threads to lift and elongate the eye to create a more almond shape, whilst at the same time producing a brow lift.

Avoid high intensity workouts that could put pressure on the lifting threads for about three weeks. Most importantly, follow the care instructions given by your doctor. Sonder Private Clinic are proud to introduce the new generation of thread lift brisbane, the world leader in thread lifting technology. If, for any reason, you are not happy with the outcome of the procedure, we can have the threads readjusted or replaced to achieve facial symmetry and natural results. To determine whether a MINT thread lift is suitable for you, we will evaluate your medical history and skin during a consultation. Patients are free to resume their normal activities directly after their appointment.

Heat can be used to dissolve PDO threads if they are causing issues – this can be done via radiofrequency device or HIFU or fractional laser. Some threads can also be unzipped and left to dissolve without causing harm. If there is a persisting bump or show of thread through the skin your doctor can treat this via subdermal subcision to release the threads from the skin. Subcision is a skin surgical technique often used in treating scarring or acne. It is wise to ensure your treating doctor is able to manage the complications of thread lifts and perform subcision. The biggest advantage for most patients in having a non-surgical jowl thread lift is the reduced recovery time.

A local anaesthetic is injected prior to the procedure so once this has worked, most people find the procedure quite comfortable. There is some sensation of pushing-pulling but it is not a painful discomfort. Depending on exactly what is done and the absence/presence of bruising, many will return to normal activities quite quickly. However, we would recommend minimizing the extreme movement of the treatment area in the early days. We also suggest wearing a “headband” while at home and in bed in the initial healing period to promote faster recovery. Sleep on your back with your head slightly elevated for 4 to 7 days.

If you’re thinking about having one done, don’t just book with anyone. Seek out a medical practitioner who is experienced in the procedure, and check they’re registered with the accredited governing body in the country they practise in. In the UK, for example, where thread lifts are regulated, choose a practitioner who is registered with the Care Quality Commission. Most cosmetic thread therapies are employed for the cheek area but other areas may also be treated. Duration of results will highly depend on the integrity of the tissue into which the threads are placed.

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