Higher-end Home Digital Pianos usually incorporate a more sophisticated hammer action, higher quality samples , multi-speaker sound system, and fancier, more acoustic-like cabinet. Artists like Ray Charles started digitally altering sounds and the concept of a lighter, more diverse alternative to a standard upright or grand was really born. But today we will focus on the crème de la crème – the most reliable and trustworthy digital piano brands out there. If you got the hang of it and are interested in playing your favorite songs using the virtual piano keyboard, use the OnlinePianist piano lessons or mobile app . Digital pianos are much more resistant than acoustic pianos and are not affected by fluctuations in humidity or temperature. They can therefore be placed almost anywhere, even next to a radiator or under a window.

This feature ultimately leads to a more satisfying playing experience that you don’t get on other pianos on the market. Their main focus is geared towards music makers rather than piano players who are looking for a natural, nuanced piano sound and realistic key action. Alesis is another well-established brand that has been producing electronic musical instruments and audio equipment for over 30 years. The Privia line undoubtedly remains the most popular from Casio’s arsenal.

Yet another form is the portable digital piano which often combines the capabilities of stage pianos, but with additional features similar to a conventional home keyboard. These digital pianos are mostly designed for various purposes such as home, studio, classroom, stage or personal use. It is similar in form to a stage piano, but much lighter in weight, and having a more compact size. Many of them also contain a wide assortment of sounds, like one would expect from an electronic keyboard, including sound effects and drum kits. Also like conventional keyboards, these digital pianos often feature an automated “”rhythm section”” function which is controlled by playing chords with the left hand.

The FP-10 has a number of helpful features, including the ability to split the keyboard in two so that teacher and student can play together on the same piano. It also has built-in Bluetooth support for connecting wirelessly to a phone or tablet running Roland’s Piano Partner 2 app. However, its physical controls aren’t intuitive, and it offers only 15 sounds—that’s enough for most students, but performers and recording hobbyists may want more. A digital piano is a type of electronic keyboard instrument designed to serve primarily as an alternative to the traditional acoustic piano, both in how it feels to play and in the sound it produces.

The CDP-S160’s small size and 23.1-pound weight make it simple to stow away. We also found its physical controls to be easy to figure out and use—something that isn’t true of many digital pianos. The action on the CDP-S160, which Casio calls scaled hammer action, allows the keyboard to better emulate how the action feels across an acoustic piano’s keyboard, where the lower notes are a bit heavier than the higher notes. John and Phil, our panel’s two most experienced testers, ranked this keyboard second in both sound quality and playability. Brent, who is much less skilled, ranked it first because he liked the lighter feel. John found that the keybed felt a little shallow and lacking in the depth his fingers were used to, especially as his fingers got closer to the keyboard body .

Portable digital pianos, for the sake of lower production cost, were often equipped with a less complex system for the weighted keys. As a result, the feel of the keys is usually much less realistic than other digital pianos. However, it still retain the emulated weight mechanism , though not as precise as more expensive pianos, but far more true to life than a keyboard. However, certain models include synthetic ivory-like keys as opposed to standard plastic keys. Bring home an authentic piano-playing experience with the Alesis Prestige, a full-featured digital piano with graded hammer-action keys and 16 incredibly realistic built-in sounds. When playing a fine piano, the amount of pressure applied to the keyboard affects not only the volume of the sound produced, but also the unique tonal character of each note.

Awesome article, quite timely as I am on the market for a piano/keyboard. Although not covered here (it’s only a MIDI keyboard, not really a piano), the Kawai touch is something I particularly apprciate. While you will get graded hammer action keys on the Nord Piano 5, for example, it’s a third-party designed action – Fatar – rather than one that has been developed in-house, as you get with their competitors. As with all of Yamaha’s digital pianos, they are seriously durable and reliable – one of the best features of the brand. Synthesizers are widely used in complex sound design and music production. They offer extensive options that allow you to synthesize, fine-tune, and control the sound in real time.

This is because the CSP uses a smart device, such as an iPad, to control every aspect of this incredibly powerful digital piano. The Smart Pianist app will allow you to edit the sounds built-in to this piano, while the audio to score feature automatically generates notation based on your favourite pieces of music. Once you’ve mastered how to play a piece, you can jam along with a dynamic backing band.

Piano with RhythmsFor passionate music lovers, our pianos come with up to 200 rhythms and automatic harmonizing features. Compatible with 3 Pedal UnitFor maximising user convenience, we offer pianos that are compatible with three-pedal units. If you’ve longed to own a grand piano but were discouraged by the cost or weight, then the Roland GP607 could be the perfect addition to your home.

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