The U.S. Department of Agriculture is developing rules on what types of synthetic additives, like vitamins and purified amino acides, may be used in “”organic”” pet foods. Buffington says that keeping your large-breed puppy at a body condition score of 2 out of 5 will help ward off the excess weight that can cause orthopedic problems in later life. Large breeds such as Great Danes, Labrador retrievers, and Doberman Pinschers are more likely to develop skeletal and joint problems, including hip dysplasia. Although these conditions are primarily triggered by inherited factors, overfeeding can worsen the situation.

Another scale ranges from 1-9, with a 4 or 5 being a perfect body score. After a month or 6 weeks on the food, assess your puppy’s health. They should be playful and energetic, with a shiny, thick coat. Formed brown feces are a sign that your puppy is digesting most of the nutrients in the food.

Nutro, Wellness, and Rachael Ray Nutrish make high-quality low-fat dog foods. Wet food often has more protein and fat and fewer carbohydrates. Before you switch your pet from dry to wet food, talk to your vet about potential issues your dog may have digesting a lot of protein or fat.

Poultry and pork bones, or cooked bones of any kind, are strictly forbidden. They splinter into shards that can cause choking and serious damage to the dog’s mouth, throat, or intestines. It is important to note that bones have little if any nutritional value. There are growth-and-weight charts available in print and online. Weigh the puppy weekly and record his progress, comparing him to breed-appropriate weight charts.

That means the tummy is tucked up when viewed from the side. We independently research, test, review, and recommend the best products—learn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission. Arricca is a writer with a wide range of expertise, but whether it’s gardening or baking, she has always dogs by her side. Her writing has appeared in Good Housekeeping, Oprah Magazine, and on Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.

Ollie’s Fresh Lamb recipe is a perfect fit for pups with overly sensitive stomachs. This recipe uses only one animal source, making it very easy to digest. Recipes are hypoallergenic and designed to be tolerated by even the most sensitive pups. Meals are proportioned and made to suit a pup’s unique needs. The meal is tasty, but it also helps reduce stools, makes breath smell better, boosts coat shine, and helps reduce allergy symptoms in dogs.

If you want your puppy to enjoy having some crunchy food that is full of nutrition, this Pedigree dry food pack will be the right one to go for. Besides the essentials of chicken and milk, this puppy food has the extracts of cereals, soybean, carrots and peas making it a complete nutritional food. Not only it works on making the bones and muscles healthy, but it also helps in giving your puppy a healthy and shiny coat. When it comes to treats for your pup, look for healthy options that are made from the best food ingredients and that have no artificial colors or flavors. Some good choices include freeze-dried liver treats, natural chews such as rawhide bones or antlers, and grain-free biscuits or crunchy snacks.

For large- and giant-breed puppies , consider using a puppy food formulated especially for large- or giant-breed dogs. Large breeds, generally considered an adult weight of 70 pounds or more, can be more susceptible to excess calcium in their diets. This food is formulated especially for the big guys and gals, and it’s frequently veterinarian and breeder recommended.

Vitamins and minerals are essential elements of nutrition that help boost canine health in many ways. These are often found in some ingredients included in dog foods or added in through different oils and supplements to ensure dogs are getting everything they need. It can be hard to keep up with all the new trends to find the best food for puppies, but there are five primary categories of canine chow.

With 28% protein, 18% fat, and 2.9% fiber, this food is ideal for high-energy small breed dogs. There aren’t any AAFCO nutrient standards specifically for small and large breed puppies, but some foods are formulated for breed size. Shepherd says that larger breeds need a unique ratio of calcium to phosphorus for their growing big bones and can benefit from supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin to help keep their joints healthy.

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