We guarantee to have an engineer attending site within 7-10 working days . Certain areas like Cornwall, South Wales and Scottish Highlands may have longer lead times. All our products online include free installion and is included in the price shown. Due to the type of work involved and what is required we may not be able to offer on site installation but we will confirm this when you get in touch with us prior to purchase.

Should you have any questions related to any Maxton Design product, please contact us prior to purchase and our team would be more than happy to assist you. All warranty claims will be resolved at the discretion of VW Central. VW Central should be notified first of all claims in order to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Smart Linkis a smartphone interface that adds convenient features to the factory infotainment system. This interface enables you to access all your music, as well as all your favourite apps such as Spotify, Maps, and other apps on your smartphone.This works with IOS or Android devices. Sorry number plate lookup not successful please check you have entered correct number plate and try again.

Or rear view camera lets you spot any obstacles behind your car – even moving ones – quickly and easily, thanks to the camera built into the boot. Our rear view camera1 lets you spot any obstacles behind your car – even moving ones – quickly and easily, thanks to the camera built into the boot. Using all Genuine VW parts from the wiring looms to the camera to the module, this system will fit in perfectly into your Golf and will look and work as if it were fitted from factory. This system utilises a camera that is integrated with the VW Emblem which “”Pops Out”” when reverse gear is selected. For seller-fulfilled items from Sports collectibles and Entertainment collectibles categories, the sellers need to be informed of the damage / defect within 10 days of delivery.

Our HDMI input enables you to access all of your music, videos, web browser, as well as all your favourite apps such as YouTube, Spotify, Google Maps, Netflix and any other app on your smartphone. Although the VW Golf Reverse Camera is an immensely practical little car, there are still sizeable blindspots around it, and this is especially noticeable when you come to reverse it. The camera starts working as soon as you put your car into reverse gear. It shows the area behind your car on your radio or radio navigation system display offering you a clear reversing image with easy-to-follow guidelines. Superimposed graphic lines guide you to the optimal steering lock, guaranteeing fuss-free, smooth parking.

Built-in audio intercoms (one-way or two-way) are used in addition to the camera system for communicating with a spotter outside the vehicle – common when backing large trailers or launching boats. There are a number of reasons we may not have been able to complete your scheduled payment. For example, if the debit card used to sign up to your Pay in 3 plan has expired or if there were insufficient funds available in your bank account balance. If needed, PayPal will run a soft credit check with an external credit reference agency.

All images used are for illustration purposes, guide lines are not always available on all vehicles. Improved Safety Every year, dozens of young children suffer injury and even death after being run over by people who are unknowingly backing their vehicle out of the driveway. You can prevent these tragic incidents by increasing your rear view visibility. By investing in a rear view monitor and camera kit for your Volkswagen, you will be able to constantly observe your blind spots without having to lose focus on the rest of your surroundings. Parking Assistance If you are always struggling to maneuver your Volkswagen into tight parking spaces, a rear view monitor and camera system can be a lifesaver.

All approved items must be returned to our supplier unopened and unused. The standard warranty policy is 12 months from the delivery date unless otherwise stated. VW Central PTY. LTD. will only warranty manufacturer related defects NOT related to installer error, modification, improper use or vehicle failure. Professional Installation is recommended, we do not provide installation assistance for this product. OUR EMPIRICAL REVERSE CAMERA KITS ARE OUR PROUDEST ACHIEVEMENT. We think about the kit and the installation so that you don’t have to.

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