Bath trays can make holding a regular book a lot easier, but you still need dry hands to turn the pages. Marguerite gets around that by taking her Kindle into the bath with her—it’s waterproof. A few people on staff also mentioned that some of our vibrator picks are waterproof, so consider yourself reminded.

Accommodating a variety of bath sizes, the wooden bath tray is a Crate & Barrel exclusive. Variations in the teak’s color, wood grain and live edge are to be expected. The tray has a fold-out stand for a book, a tablet, and a slot for your smartphone, with cutouts in the back to hang items such as razors, loofahs, etc.

With a deep tray, there’s no risk of your goodies falling into the water while you’re lathering up. And with restrictions continuing to loosen and tighten, we expect our love for the bath to not go away any time soon. This was the first time I have used Eco Bath but will definably use them again. We have carefully picked the best bath trays just for you, with your best interests always at the back of our minds. We’ve looked for effectiveness, comfort, and cost-effectiveness in our selected products, all just for you. This simple bath tray is perfect for the days you want to bring essential items with you. visit here

And you can even make it longer if need be, thanks to its expandable width. You’ll feel at one with nature thanks to this beautiful charred teak wood bath caddy. It has a rustic, West Coast feel that’s relaxed yet impactful. Trust us, this bathroom essential is ready to turn your bathroom into an oasis (yes, you’ll need a chic bath mat, too). Remember, self-care is the best care, and you don’t have to leave your home to experience it. Now, all that’s left to do is run the water, add a bath bomb or bubbles, and relax.

This swivel bath tray has a unique, compact design that suctions to the side of the tub. While it’s smaller than some trays, the 19-inch surface can still hold a couple of things at a time, and it can swing back and forth for easy access to your essentials. This white plastic expandable bath tray comes with two small inserts so you can store items like razors without them falling through the slots. It’s also self-draining, so it won’t hold onto water from any accidental splashes. Bed Bath & Beyond’s Haven Teakwood Bathtub Caddy had rough, unfinished wood that felt thin and poor-quality—our test unit had large cracks.

Some people choose to add a bath tray to their space because it provides an area for reading, enjoying a drink, burning a candle, or holding other bath accessories. They also serve as a good gift for anyone wishing to add dimension to their at-home bath time. Basins tend to vary between 22 and 25 inches in width; this can affect how wide the ledges are on either side, as well as which trays will fit inside your tub. We primarily tested trays with a smaller-than-average tub that was 28 inches wide from wall to outer edge, with a 22-inch basin. The ledge on either side of this tub, where the trays rest, was about 3 inches wide.

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