Catch the jitterbugs, bowl over beautiful wooden animal skittles, or fool around with crazy and colourful monkeys. Wacky ELC games are super-fun for kids and make the perfect rainy-day activity. This website is all about early childhood development and the importance of learning through play.

puzzles for children are an excellent way to help support early problem-solving. With fun and educational children’s jigsaw puzzles from Orchard Toys and Bigjgs, we are guaranteed to have a puzzle your child will love. Our Melissa and Doug sound puzzles are ideal for toddlers and help them learn whilst playing. From traditional wooden puzzles to more challenging 3D puzzles, we are sure to have something for children of all ages. Create hours of fun with our broad range of children’s jigsaw puzzles.

Floor puzzles usually contain between 24 and several hundred pieces. There is no limit to the topics covered by these classic puzzles including the jungle, world map, planets, dinosaurs and more. Additionally, the puzzle material is typically cardboard and sometimes foam. Instead, they feature bulky pieces that are thicker than the tray to make them easy to be manipulated by little ones. You can see the progress in your own children as they begin to understand how the pieces fit together, and that they are not random.

Would you like a year of done-for-you, ten-minute activities to teach your 3-5-year-old through play? Get your copy of the Learning Through Play Activity Pack for only $27. Developing spatial relations is about learning how objects are positioned in space, relative to each other.

Young children may dump the pieces and mix multiple puzzles together because they have a difficult time engaging with puzzles that are too hard. They come in a variety of types, materials, and levels of difficulty. Even infants may explore simple puzzles that involve fitting two pieces together. Puzzles are available with increasing complexity to challenge children as they grow.

The mini puzzles have just 70 pieces but the challenge lies with the odd shapes of these small treats. Each series is a timed edition with limited quantities, so if there is tasty food or treat that they love, scoop up these puzzles for a favorite tween in your life. Made of high-quality cardboard, this 51-piece puzzle is fun for kids of all ages.

A large 30-piece puzzle to build, featuring 8 jigsaw pieces in the shape of animals that can be used as a template for drawing. The puzzle encourages learning the alphabet because the 26 animals each begin with a different letter and an animal wall frieze is included as a look and find guide. This kind of inset puzzle also include a few pieces which are usually between 4-12 pieces.

Get on board with piecing together this colorful train designed to keep toddler boys and girls from going off the rails when it comes to quiet time fun. Glossy wooden rainbow coloured Number Elephant puzzle in chunky interlocking pieces helps children develop co-ordination and colour & number recognition. Glossy wooden rainbow coloured Number Dinosaur puzzle in chunky interlocking pieces helps children develop co-ordination and colour & number recognition. Introduce your kiddo to colors, animals, and the alphabet in a fun, interactive way. The 26-piece puzzle is made of animal-shaped wooden blocks that all fit together into an animal parade. Start your engines and get set to use that brainpower to put together these Melissa & Doug Vehicles Jigsaw Puzzles in a Box.

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