All of the employees that I have come in contact with are responsible and respectful. They take extra steps to make sure the office is safe and secure. I would recommend Preventive to my family, friends, and anyone else who is in need of a thorough exterminator. He did a great job and pointed out some things that I had not even noticed.

Many companies do not provide Cave Creek Pest and Termite control services for termites and bedbugs. Hiring an exterminator can end up saving you time and money. Many homeowners attempt to tackle pest problems on their own, but they are not properly trained or educated on pest control.

Specializing in low-cost bee removal services, Beetech Bee Control is fully licensed and insured and offers valley-wide service to Phoenix area residents. They have knowledge and experience dealing with a variety of bee removal situations, up to the most aggressive Africanized bee colonies. Providing service to the Gilbert area, Mosquito Hunters strives to provide services that minimize the mosquitoes and ticks in your outdoor living space. Using all-natural products ensures a safe, efficient solution to your pest problems. In addition to mosquito control, they also provide tick prevention.

Termite control in Phoenix is an issue we’d like not to think about, but do need to prepare for. In order to protect your home from subterranean termites, we offer several termite treatments. If you are building a new home in Phoenix Arizona, a liquid soil pretreatment for termites might be in order. If you live in an existing home, a termite baiting product is a solution. At Magic Pest Control, we do not require you to leave your home during a termite treatment and/or inspection.

Protect your family and home from unwanted invaders, we are experts in excluding scorpions, rodents, and pigeons from entering and nesting in your home. Choose from one of our specialized treatments for specific pests, including home sealing, trapping, and exclusion. Serving Phoenix residential homes and commercial properties. Serving Maricopa and Pinal Counties since 1993, Magic Pest Control offers the finest termite and pest control services for all of your Phoenix, Arizona pest control needs.

With over 32 years of experience, Scorpion King Exterminating specializes in the control of scorpions, general pests, rat abatement, gopher control, and infestations. Their services include detailed inspection, scorpion targeted control, and visual inspections for cracks and crevices. Since 2001, Moxie has committed to providing the best customer service paired with excellent pest control techniques, and it has racked up dozens of awards along the way. The Phoenix branch is specially equipped with strategies to tackle termites and scorpions, two important pests to many Phoenix residents. Orkin has more than 100 years of experience in the pest control industry. Orkin provides a full range of treatments for all kinds of pests, including scorpions.

The proactive approach is the best one to take when it comes to keeping termites under control. We treat commercial and residential structures with high-quality products, and our work is comprehensive and warrantied. Also, if you’re considering a real estate transaction, we provide professional termite inspections. You should not have to live with an infestation or deal with it alone. Our professional extermination and pest control services can help address these issues and help prevent future infestations.

In recent years once moderate insect pressure has exploded as new construction provides additional moisture sources and shelter from the Arizona heat. The demand for good Cave Creek Pest Control services has never been greater. Our professionals will perform a thorough inspection of your property to locate potential nesting areas and remove all nesting materials. Although bees and wasps are important components of our ecosystem, they can quickly become a pest if they make their home in the wrong place.

Active is a smaller company than Terminix and Orkin, serving 23 states since 2015. Active was founded by former pest control executives and uses pesticides found in nature to exterminate unwanted pests and preserve beneficial insects around your home. Rodent infestations in the Phoenix area have skyrocketed over the past decade. Roof rats and Packrat infestations have become a common occurrence in our area.

They use the latest products and methods to remove any common infestation from homes in Phoenix and the East Valley. Termites — Subterranean termites are more prevalent in Phoenix and the surrounding areas than in most of the country. A pest control company can prevent termites from causing structural damage to your home. When we send our pest control technician to your Phoenix home, we have a series of steps that are followed during each pest control service called the 6-Point Advantage.

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