H Plan comes with a cap limit to ensure you rate protection in case of fluctuations. For example, if H is H+1.1% with HIBOR as 0.5 and P-2.5% as cap limit, the interest rate ranges from 1.6% to 2.5%. From historical record, H Plan usually offers better interest rates. Even if it goes up, it comes down quickly and it almost never hits the rate of P Plan.

MoneySmart has summarised a table outlining the requirements for getting 90% and 80% LTV ratio. Considering interest rate fluctuations and your financial needs you may choose to repay within a fixed period or by a fixed installment amount. You may also choose either the monthly or bi-weekly repayment scheme to achieve your financial objectives.

Simply bring along your identity documents, preliminary sales & purchase agreement, and income proof to any of our outlet or sub-outlets in person to apply for mortgage loan services. Profile The 香港按揭 Corp Ltd provides mortgage financing services. The Company securitizes the mortgages into mortgage-backed securities and offers them for sale to investors. The Hong Kong Mortgage Corp Ltd provides mortgage financing services. The maximum debt-to-income ratio for both the above-mentioned and existing MIP loans is set at 50% , and borrowers have to meet the stressed DTI ratio.

For non first-time buyers, however, passing the stress test is still a prerequisite for getting a mortgage. Since it is not residential buildings, banks tend to be more conservative in their valuations of these buildings, and according to current regulations, all non-residential units can only get up to 40% LTV ratio. The current additional stamp duty and buyer stamp duty applicable to residential buildings are not applicable to industrial buildings. In terms of tenure, the maximum period of mortgage for industrial buildings is 20 years. However, if the applicant is too old or the age of the building is too old, it will not be possible to obtain 20 years of mortgage term.

Understand your financing needs and curate mortgage plan specific to you. When you buy a home for your beloved family, you’re making one of your biggest financial commitment. Let’s help you with attractive interest rates and a suitable mortgage plan to help you along the way. From valuation and loan application right through to completion, Citibank® is with you every step of the way.

For the non-first time homebuyer, the maximum loan amount shall be calculated at the maximum Loan-to-Value ratio of 80%. The AVD rate for residential property transactions applies with a flat rate of 15%. Find out current policies affecting the property market, so you can plan your budget better before buying a property.

You’ll need to apply for different mortgage plans according to your financial status. The property price of tong lau is usually a lot cheaper. First-time buyers can obtain further financing through the Mortgage Insurance Programme though mortgage borrowers could usually only get up to 60% LTV ratio as it may involve illegal structure or subdivided units. Moreover, the age of these buildings is usually quite old, ending up with a short mortgage term. Only stage payment plan (i.e. repayment only begins when the buildings are completed) is applicable for 90% LTV ratio while the cash payment plan (i.e. repayment begins before the buildings are completed) is not applicable for 90% LTV ratio. Property developers usually provide attractive offers to buyers who start the cash payment plan but it comes with risks as the buildings are not completed.

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