The area you decide to place it in should also be free of excess debris and sharp objects. You’ll want to consider putting a tarp down or layer of protection first before setting it up. Surfaces like relatively level grass and concrete are ideal for anchoring a bounce house.

Children under the age of six should not play in bounce houses. Vector poster with two big inflatable slides and set of line… Flying away due to high winds, but in reality, most injuries occur inside the bounce houses. While most broken bones will eventually heal, a neck or spine fracture can be fatal or have life-long consequences. In July 2015 two children were killed and three seriously injured when a gust of wind lifted a bouncy castle over 60 feet off the ground in Tartu county, Estonia.

It fits three little ones comfortably, perfect for friends and siblings to play together. Now, you can keep the outdoor fun going inside on rainy or cold days. Over 1000 reviewers agree that this product feels high-quality and durable for use summer after summer. Some recommend purchasing a tarp to put under your bounce house to protect against sticks or branches.

They also noted that the open-top design can cause this inflatable to get hot in the summer, so be sure to find somewhere shady to set it up. Whether you need an inflatable bounce house for a birthday, backyard barbecue or garden party, or just want an everyday activity to keep your kids active and entertained, you’ve come to the right place. This is pack having vectors related to kids fun line icons set. In this pack you can see icons like, joker, outdoor swings, balloons, circus icons and so on. Stock photo of the top half of a children’s inflatable bouncy castle with a blue sky and clouds.

Bounce houses are fun to have at children’s parties and carnivals, but they can still cause serious injuries. Before letting your children see how high they can jump, follow these bounce house safety tips. For families that want added activities, Peng explains that some bounce houses can come with additional features such as a ball pit, obstacle course, climbing wall, and velcro dart games built into the structure. Determining the right size for your bounce house will also depend on your child’s age. Small ones are perfect for younger kids while school-age children and tweens will require something bigger. “”Larger bounce houses are also a good investment as kids will be able to grow into it,”” says Peng.

At Target, find a wide range of bounce houses of different designs. First, you need to consider how many kids will be using it, how old they are and how much space will be required. Make sure there is enough height clearance with no tree branches or wires hanging. You can go for a basic bouncer or go for the ones that have slides or water slides with attached tiny pools. There are different types of bounce houses like a castle, a house with basketball hoops and more. As these are breathable, make sure the blower is constantly connected and has a power backup.

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