Access your crane usage data, maintenance data and asset details on Our cloud-based customer portal gives you a transparent view of service events and activities over any selected time period. THHI provide the Integrated solutions of Materials Handling Equipment, like Port crane, Marine Crane, Ship Loader/Unloader, grab buckets, Hopper and container spreader, etc. Looking for a rubber-tired gantry crane with lower duty cycle work but still has versatility and security of using a rubber tired gantry crane. •Smart Cranes•Battery powered or electric powered transfer trolley •Elevator hoists •Subway construction cranes•Container Cranes•Rotary Crane … Movement of spreader in the gantry or trolley direction, greatly improving container hoisting efficiency.Container Auto-tracking and auto-hoisting system Based on the data stored …

With responsible good quality method, good status and excellent client services, the series of solutions produced by our company are exported to lots of countries and regions for Ship to Shore Gantry Crane Quayside Container weihua gantry crane Sts Shipunloader. Relentless pursuit of perfection in product quality management and marketing service system construction has made our company larger and stronger. 1.Container gantry crane is dedicated machinery, container yard stacking operations are widely used in ports and container freight yard. Container Gantry Crane is mainly used for loading and unloading, handling and stacking of containers at railway transit yard and large container yard.

Owning specially converted delivery vessels allows the company to offer clients on time delivery and short lead times at reasonable freight prices. ZPMC’s first export contract was with the Port of Vancouver in 1993. The company followed up this initial success by clinching an order from the Port of Miami in 1994, which helped ZPMC break into the North American port crane market. Further contracts followed with Port of Tacoma and Port of Oakland in 1996 and Long Beach Port in 1997. Single Girder Overhead Crane is workshop lifting equipment supporting the use of CD, MD model or othe… The marine terminal operator invests in the tallest crane in the Port of Oakland to handle very large container ships.

Tougher environmental protection laws in many countries have resulted in new technical requirements being introduced for some port equipment. ZPMC has developed an environmentally friendly RTG crane with super capacitors to reduce diesel consumption. Also, quiet cranes with reduced noise emission have been developed to comply with EU environmental protection requirements. Apart from designing new cranes, ZPMC’s design team also works continuously to improve the various components used in cranes are other lifting devices. According to Liu, ZPMC is the only large crane manufacturer that operates its own delivery fleet.

Use the lithium iron phosphate battery can solve the transfer problem of rubber tyred container gantry crane…. The RGC 52t-4 is manufactured by Cimolai Technology, and is a rail-mounted gantry crane that has a special wagon for digging unloading. ZPMC has built the world’s first quayside container crane with a dual hoist designed to handle twin 40ft containers.

It is used for loading, unloading and carrying steel plate, profile steel, and spool etc. Product Description Container gantry crane is a special container gantry crane and manufacturing concepts, and continuously upgrades product quality. The special portal cranes come on rails or tires and ensure long lifting travels. These products are regularly used in drilling yards and on dams, during the manufacturing process for tunnels and shafts. Recent developments include a global positioning system for auto-steering rubber tyred gantry cranes and dockyard container management.

The ever-increasing degree of automation in container ports makes it necessary to transmit large amounts of data and control signals in real time. With the ProfiDAT® system, Conductix-Wampfler features an extremely compact design for reliable data transmission that can withstand harsh harbor environments. With a data transmission rate of up to 100 Mbit/s, a real-time channel for PROFINET safety signals, and audio/video transmission via Ethernet, ProfiDAT® meets these requirements. ProfiDAT® can be built into new equipment as well as can be integrated into existing systems. We are committed to providing customers with professional crane solutions, so that China’s high-quality lifting equipment can serve the world.

It is installed on the laid track and the whole machine moves. It is installed on the laid track and the whole machine moves…. One company following China’s port development programme with close interest is Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Co Ltd , the world’s largest manufacturer of quayside container cranes.

China’s proportion of our orders is 30%, but our company revenue is growing by 50% annually. Product innovation and development are a key part of ZPMC’s business development programme. Liu explained that the company’s R&D division co-operates with various scientific research institutes and universities in Shanghai and elsewhere in China. Customer service staff and sales man are very patience and they all good at English, product’s arrival is also very timely, a good supplier. According to the functions or types of Container Crane, Container Crane can be classified into many types.

The current Changxing production site, which was completed in 2001, covers 1 million sq m and has a 3.5km coastline. The facility is capable of manufacturing 160 quayside ship-to-shore container cranes each year along with 300 rubber tyred gantry cranes and 200,000 metric tons of large steel bridge structures. According to Liu, ZPMC’s cranes and other products are in use at more than 150 shipping terminals in 37 countries and regions worldwide.

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